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Affordable SSL-certificate: get an HTTPS link for your website

Google has decided to rank websites with HTTPS links higher. In SSL-certificate boosts visitor confidence in your website.

  • Comodo Standard

    $ 59.88

    per month

    • Wildcard No
    • Multible Domains No
  • Comodo Wildcard Certificate

    $ 239.88

    per month

    • Wildcard Yes
    • Multible Domains No
  • Comodo EV

    $ 233.88

    per month

    • Wildcard no
    • Multible Domains No
  • Comodo Multi

    $ 122.88

    per month

    • Wildcard no
    • Multible Domains Yes

SSL-certificate explained

From July 1, 2018, Google’s Chrome browser started warning visitors if the website they are visiting does not have an SSL certificate. Firefox has already been doing this for quite some time. You must have noticed that when you visit certain websites, you get a pop-up warning that you should be careful before you proceed, because the website is not secure

In the wake of such warnings, two things happen:

  • ⦁ These messages sometimes scare your visitors away and you lose business.
  • ⦁ It involves an extra step of clicking a button that asks your visitors to confirm whether they really want to visit an unsecured website.

An SSL certificate establishes an encrypted link between your Web server and your visitor’s browser. The data that is exchanged between your visitor’s browser and your Web server is encrypted and it cannot be intercepted and even if it is intercepted, the hackers cannot make sense of it.

Previously, an SSL-certificate was required only for e-commerce websites or when you accepted sensitive information on your website.

To ensure overall data safety Google started giving preference to websites that have an SSL installed. These days, HTTPS websites are ranked higher than the simple HTTPS websites.

This is why, if you want to maintain your search engine rankings, it is very essential that you purchase an SSL-certificate and get it installed on your website.

Included with your SSL-Certificate

  • Secure data

    All information that is entered into the browser is encrypted and kept secure

  • Green Keylock

    You will get the green key lock so that all your visitors can feel safe

  • Https://

    All your visitors will now use the https instead of http, safe and sound with SSL Certificate

What is a SSL Certificate?

A SSL Certificate is an additional layer of security where data, for example, usernames, passwords and charge card subtle elements filled in on your site page is sent to your database and/or charging framework totally sheltered. It is particularly critical for the individuals who have or are intending to begin an online shop. In these occurrences, a SSL endorsement is an unquestionable requirement since guests must feel safe to enter their Mastercard data and passwords and on a non-encoded site they don't have that security.