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High Availability Clustered Hosting

Enjoy the benefits of a clustered storage network, without the price.

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Our clustered technology monitors the health of all of our SSD drives every 60 seconds. Every time you add or change a file on your website, it moves it to the best available server that point in time.

In the event it detects an issue such as overloaded, or having a hardware problem. It automatically moves you off to another drive giving you the best performance available.

Our storage network has over 100 enterprise level SSD drives all in sync with each other. Every bit, of every file is stored and replicated across multiple drives.

Automatic Failover

The problem with traditional web hosting is that your website is placed on a single computer server. Just like your car, computers will fail. It's not a matter of if, but when. Sometimes providers can detect failures and migrate clients before it completely fails, however most of the time it fails without notice.

Depending on what failed, your website could be down for days while the provider is restoring your website on another server. Can your website handle such an outage? Our clustered technology will automatic detect failed nodes for us and re-route your website to another node within 60 seconds.

Learn how clustered web hosting can benefit you.

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